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Beginner's Guide to RTI

Do you want to check that your marksheet or degree is fake?

If you are an employer who already runs background screenings on potential employees, are you looking at their educational background? If you pay attention to news stories, there are many that deal with people in high positions in companies all over the country that have padded their resume with false claims of degrees. Some people even go as far as to make fake diplomas or transcripts. Don't fall for the fakes. Go right to the source when looking for Graduation marksheet verification. Known colloquially as diploma mills, these companies call themselves and may only require a class or two before handing out diplomas.

How to check marksheet is original or not?

Use Right to Information to confirm university degree and know if marksheet and degree are authentic. Offer your university details in a simple online form to check marksheet for the Universities

Although degree fraud is becoming more sophisticated and common, it doesn't take much for employers to defend themselves from its ill effects.

Certificate design

Fraudsters often believe that an elaborate, Gothic typeface denotes prestige and tradition, and many of the fake certificates we have encounter using this technique.

Certificate language

No university put this kind of cod-medieval lingo on their degree certificates - if you have come across it to be doubtful.

Certificate components

If you are in doubt check the crest on the certificate with the university website. Always ask to make out the original certificate, not a photocopy.

University location

Fake university websites usually offer contact information, including a postal address. It's a feature that, if barred, wouldn't go unnoticed.


Except for private providers, we are carefully restricted. The fundamental rule is, if it doesn't look like a university website attend to, it probably isn't.

University authentication

University authentication database offers a family tree for all degree-awarding bodies.

Steps to file RTI online marksheet

Just follow the few steps and you will finish your application with online RTI in no time:

·         You have to fill your Address and Phone Number. We will call you in case we are not clear about your application. Your attested certificates will be directly sent to the address given to us

·         Next, enter these details - Name of Course, Roll Number, University, and Year.

·         Finally, you can also finish payment using our secure online payment options available

With this, your application is done! Our professionals will contact you over the email or phone if they want any extra information from you. You can offer additional documents like degree or marksheet at any point in the application process. After all this, ask for the final approval and as soon as we receive that, your application is sent right away.

It doesn't matter if you are doing mghkp marksheet verification and File RTI Online Marksheet or if you are working with a background screening company, it is extremely important that you get your educational verifications right from the source of the degree or certificate.