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Filing RTI in Haryana

Haryana is one of the states of India having numerous issues for which the citizens of our country file RTI Applications. Below are some of the common questions which arise in the minds of applicants while filing of the application:

1. How to File RTI Application in Haryana? 

Filing of an RTI application in the state of Haryana is not very difficult. The applicant has to get a blank paper, write the address of the concerned PIO (Public Information Officer) and his/her own name & address (address should be written because the PIO send the reply on the address), write the brief details about the information which is required for which the application is being filed.
After writing the above mentioned details, applicant now has to attach an IPO of Rs. 10/- with the application and post it through registered post. Registered Post is the most convenient option to send the RTI Application while the applicant can also go to the the PIO of the department and can hand over the application directly to the office of PIO and get the acknowledgement receipt.
This application can be written in either Hindi or English, it shall either be hand written or typed, it shall either be on a neat & clean paper or the paper be torn. As long as the content in the application is visible and readable by the PIO, the application is valid.

2. Is there any way to file RTI online for Haryana?

There are government web portals of few Indian states for filing the RTI online but for a hassle free service in filing the RTI in any state of India you can choose www.sendrti.com at a very nominal cost.